3 Fun Online Games You Should Try!


People often thought that playing games are wasting time that influences us bad lifestyle habits while actually, it's not! You can play games whenever you want moderately because games can actually help to boost up your daily mood especially when you are playing games that are fun, relaxing and not too complicated. 

Not gonna lie, there are some cases that people would get super addicted to their games and eventually ignoring so many other important things such as schools or works. But this thing can be controlled if you know how to manage your time and play the games moderately. 

3 Fun Online Games You Should Try!

Truth to be told, games could also be a great source to develop skills for children while enhancing their memories, concentration, and also brain's speed. So, playing games is not totally bad. Even working adults like me also like playing games. 

With the limited time and space, playing free games online is the best choice that I've always had. I can play it anywhere and anytime that I want while I'm not tied to any unnecessary subscriptions. As long as I have a device such as a phone or a laptop as well as a good internet connection, I can enjoy all the free games. 

Recently, I just discovered these three games that are super fun and challenging to play. Have you ever played any of these games?


China Temple

China Temple is one of the hidden objects games they had but as I know, it is one of the hardest ones. The step is very simple, you just need to find the hidden objects or numbers as shown at the bottom of the screen. But, the game is just freaking hard.

Each level contains three stages:

  • spot a dozen of hidden objects
  • spot the hidden numbers from one to thirty 
  • spot the differences between two pictures that are look alike

What makes it hard is they use the same colour combination for the hidden objects and numbers with the background so it will take quite some time to find them as you need to narrow your vision carefully to some corner or section. 

I can't just simply click at any spot to find those hidden objects and numbers because random click guesses will be punished with the deduction of time allocated for each stage. 

Yes, you have to find those objects and numbers within the set time. Otherwise, you will lose the game and will have to start all over for that level. You can use the hint options given three times and it will cost you some points that you have collected for each hint requested. 

But that is what makes the game super challenging! I've got to learn to improve my focus and brain's function while playing the game. 


Pyramid Solitaire

As a kid who used to play classic spider solitaire on computers quite a lot in the past, I guess it's not that bad to try their other fun variations such as Pyramid Solitaire. It features the cards arranged in a pyramid layout, where it consists of 28 cards in total. 

The objective is to clear out the card pyramid by matching a pair of cards from each row that adds up to a total of thirteen. But only open cards can be paired. For example:

  • 5 and 8
  • 6 and 7
  • 10 and 3
  • 9 and 4
  • Jack (value of 11) and 2
  • Queen (value of 12) and A
  • King (can be cleared by simply click on it because it has a value of 13)

If there are no more matching cards available, you can deal a card from the remaining stockpile of 24 cards available at the bottom of the screen, which you can move across 1 card at a time. But the stock can only be scrolled completely up to 3 times.

When you can't make another move either from the pyramid or the draw and waste pile, and you also have no more deals left, then you lost the game. You will win the game when all cards are removed from the pyramid. 

You will get a score by matching up two cards that sum up to 13 and by just simply click on the King card. Each row that is successfully cleared and finishing the game quickly is also worth additional points. 

I guess this is my favourite game so far and it is so addicting! I can't stop playing this game once I've started.


Candy House

Candy House is a tile game inspired by Candy Crush with 50 different levels of match 3 game. The rules are so simple and are much alike from where it's inspired of. Swap two tiles to match 3 or more of each colour of the same tiles in a vertical column or horizontal row. 

Each level has a time set and you can collect as many scores as you can within that time by completing a set of 3 or more. You can make longer matches to earn power-up pieces which could destroy other pieces on the same line or a group of any colour that you choose to swap with. 

As you advance through the game, the layout design will also change with some pieces are locked in certain positions. That's what makes the game more entertaining as you level up. 

If you are looking for games that can release the tense of overload daily works, try to play Candy House! 

Playing Online Games For Free

Nowadays, there are many flexibilities in our life, even games can be played online especially for free without the need of downloading any apps or signing up for an account. There's a website called solitaire.org where you can play many other fun and free games on their website. 

All the games that I've just listed in this blog post are also from their website so don't forget to check them out because I really have fun discovering new games that I've never played before. There are games instructions everywhere if you feel alien to certain games and don't know how to play them.

You could spend hours discovering so many interesting games there. Visit their website and choose your favourite games now!

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  1. will download china temple in my phone..boleh upgrade vocab anak2 jugak at the same time

  2. ahhh pyramid solitaire, one of my nemeses. yang nampak mudah tapi sekali tak cukup kad nak pair utk nilai 13, game over lol


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