5 Tips For Planning A Family Staycation


The current global pandemic of the Covid-19 outbreak has surely taken a big toll on most of our mental health. Staying at home for such a long period can affect people's emotions, thus making it harder to maintain our mental health well-being. 

As we are slowly getting into the phase of endemic, most borders and even local businesses are now being allowed to re-operate in stages by following the standard operating procedures. Businesses that are also included in the list are local hotels and staycation places. 

5 Tips For Planning A Family Staycation

Now, this is a great chance for us to bring our family on a staycation to relax our minds and soul. In order to have a fulfilling staycation with your family, here are some tips to consider for planning a family staycation:

1. Mark Down The Ideal Dates

Just like any vacation, choosing the ideal dates is important. It makes it easier to book any available hotel rooms or staycation places and plan ahead all activities with your family. 

With early date planning, you could also get many offers of cheaper and attractive booking package for a staycation place than booking at the last minute. With those dates marked off, you can let your kids start making counts down to help build excitement during your staycation. 

2. Arrange Budget

Arranging a budget for a staycation is crucial to prevent overspending because having a financial crisis in the middle of a staycation could ruin the whole moment. You can start by defining what kind of staycation you would want for your family.

If you are going to have a fancy luxury staycation, the budget would surely be different from the backpacking style. Budgeting also helps you to choose hotels and other places to visit during your staycation. 

3. Plan Ahead Your Staycation

Being spontaneous could be fun for certain occasions, but if we are talking about having a staycation with family, having a plan ahead could save you from running out of activities ideas or losing out on the chance of visiting the attractive places with limited tickets. 

You can just create a simple schedule for the whole vacation to have at least a big picture of what kind of staycation your family would have later. Make a list of all the possible activities and places to visit so that you could do a group brainstorming with your family to choose the top picks. 

4. Pack Your Clothes

By having a staycation to-do list, you can start packing your clothes that suit the idea of your staycation style. Bringing extra bags to your staycation can be a hassle but having a staycation with insufficient clothes could be worse. 

Make sure to pack whatever you will need during the staycation but mind yourself to not bring excessive items that might be a burden to bring everywhere. 

5. Take A Break From Your Usual Every Day Routine

Cut off from any of your usual home and work routines to make the staycation a true break for yourself and your family. Do not feel obligated to respond to any work emails, texting, open up work files, or reviewing any paper works during your staycation. 

Take this chance to spend more time and strengthen the bond between your family members. You might also want to minimize cell phone distractions so that you can focus more on family time. 


While we are on the same topic, there are a lot of great hotels and places in Malaysia that you can consider for your family staycation, which mostly are family-friendly such as Grand Lexis Port Dickson. You can also try doing a KL staycation with your family, staying at different attractive hotels while visiting famous attractions around the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Luckily, planning a family staycation in Malaysia is not really hard with so many choices of hotels available. Going on a staycation with your family is a common way to de-stress while taking a pause in whatever you do that is overwhelming. 

So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to plan a family staycation now!

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