About Me

 Hello everyone and welcome to Messarah!

Sarah sitting on the bench

You can call me Sarah for short. I'm currently in my early 20s and I started this blog when I'm 13 to blog about my personal life and daily journals. 

Being the eldest daughter in the family has driven me to always set a good example for my younger sisters and be meaning to parents. I rarely talk about my problems or express my thoughts to anyone else even to my parents but this blog has become a loyal 'friend' and a good listener to me since I was a kid.

I used to enjoy my time alone surfing the internet, reading other people's blogs as well as tons of my fiction books, spending hours putting my thoughts on this blog, and always curious about something. All those habits are what make me who I am now.

So, here are some six quick things about me:

  1. I like to binge-watch Korean dramas, anime series, or movies in my so-called leisure time. Sometimes this is just how I procrastinate most of the time.
  2. I don't have any solid skincare routine. I just wear anything I want and study them over a period of time. But I loveeeeeee doing research about skincare thingy and I read a lot about it.
  3. My forever favorite boyband is always the Backstreet Boys. I would listen to 'Drowning' all over again and I would never get bored of it.
  4. I'm sick of dairy products or any foods that are too sweet. Maybe I can eat them but in a very minimal amount. I would always go for less sugar and tasteless but spicy foods. And uh, I love brownies and dark chocolate a lot. Like a lot.
  5. I don't drink coffees or teas. I don't eat durian and anything related to it. I'm not friendly with boba thingy like everyone does. And I'm truly grateful for that. 
  6. I grew up blogging in the glorious era of Dr. Fatin Liyana, Maria Elena, Vivy Yusof, Hanis Zalikha, Cik Epal, Irine Nadia, and also Allahyarham Shea Rasol. Most of them went rich via Nuffnang tho. I love reading their blog and they always inspire me when I'm still a teenager. I miss those moments...

I would never regret putting much effort into this blog. There's no such thing as wasting my time when I actually being here. Here is the place where I can be myself where I'm not and embrace myself a lot. I can express all my thoughts and words that I would not be saying directly. Not to mention, I've ever got to make new friends through this medium too!

To those who are wondering where are all the cringe-childhood posts that I ever wrote on this blog, I'm sorry love, I've separated them into a different place which is 'safer' to be kept haha. Thus, I'm following the current blogging trends to provide more evergreen content.

I'm not sure what kind of 'thoughts' I would write in the future but if you're keen to know, feel free to follow my journey. I write for people who aim to be the best version of themselves and I will always appreciate you for being a part of this journey.


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