[REVIEW] LUNA 3 Plus by FOREO Sweden


These days, many people love to take the extra stage in their beauty regimen, and most of them find joy in customizing a routine that suits their skin needs. And that includes finding the right beauty device. If you are into beauty and a geek like me, chances are you have already been familiar with the Swedish brand FOREO and their high-tech ultra-smart devices. 

I mean, it's been all over Instagram. And you will probably have also heard about their newest version device, the latest launch of the LUNA series, LUNA 3 plus. Many have said that the latest FOREO LUNA 3 plus promises to be a game-changer that offers unparalleled thermal cleansing, firming massage, and targeted microcurrent treatment all in one. 

[REVIEW] LUNA 3 Plus by FOREO Sweden

Recently, I began using the FOREO LUNA 3 plus, and I realized that incorporating this cleansing massager into my routine wasn't a mistake. So, I'm very excited to share what I feel about it and talk to you through them all.

I received the device model for normal skin in Pink. What I like about their packaging is it comes in a hard-sturdy clear plastic box. So, I can stalk at every angle of the device's physical features even without opening the box. The whole unboxing experience is also a truly wholesome moment.  

[REVIEW] LUNA 3 Plus by FOREO Sweden

[REVIEW] LUNA 3 Plus by FOREO Sweden

The size of the touchpoints for this LUNA 3 version is top-notch as it covers a much larger surface area on the device, making it far more efficient when using it compared to the older versions. It comes with two innovative functions: a combination of thermal and ultra-hygienic soft silicone touchpoints, as well as a targeted microcurrent treatment to firm and lifts your skin. 

I have normal-combination skin and occasionally get spots or acne around my forehead and cheeks. Having suffered from spots and acne in my study years, now I take great pride in taking care of my skin religiously. By that, using LUNA 3 Plus has been a great pleasure to my skin as it offers a deep cleansing function without being too harsh. 

[REVIEW] LUNA 3 Plus by FOREO Sweden

Just like other LUNA devices, the silicone bristles are very gentle to the skin. It is safe to be used every day as it is not harsh. In the midst of the silicone bristles of the device are eight thermal touchpoints that channel a gentle heat to loosen the sebum trapped beneath the surface of our skin which could lead to breakouts. It melts away impurities and makeup while lifting, firming, and tighten your skin.

Also, the powerful T-Sonic pulsations that are available at 16 levels of intensities help to lift away impurities effectively while improving the absorption of your favorite cleanser. This special feature makes it easier and works better to clean your pores. 

On the other side of the device are two small pins that provide targeted microcurrent treatments that gently stimulate directly into the skin with zaps of low-level electrical energy for non-invasive age renewal. It targets the specific areas that show signs of aging for an efficient age renewal with a variety of targeted treatments to choose from at 15 different intensities through the brand's official app. 

Excited to put my new LUNA 3 plus to work, I downloaded the FOREO For You app on my phone to sync with my LUNA 3 plus via Bluetooth so that I can manage my skincare personalization at my fingertips. It is a straightforward process that would take you less than five minutes. 

[REVIEW] LUNA 3 Plus by FOREO Sweden

From this app, you can start by creating your skin profile first and sync with as many FOREO devices that you have. You can choose from a range of app-guided microcurrent routines as well as selecting your preferred cleansing intensity, temperature, and microcurrent level. They also include the "how to use" instructional manual and device care tips in the app if you are a beginner user of any FOREO devices.

If you tend to randomly lose your essential stuff and are worried about not finding your FOREO device when you need it the most, you can use the "Find My Device" function available on the app. This impressive add-ons function particularly comes in handy while making your life easier in finding your lost LUNA device. You just need to open the app, click on the "Find My Device" function, and your LUNA 3 plus will start pulsating until you have found it. 

The whole cleansing and massaging experience get really fun with this app since you can control everything in a portable smart app that is so quick and easy to use!

[REVIEW] LUNA 3 Plus by FOREO Sweden

Using FOREO LUNA 3 Plus has become the biggest jump of my skincare routine. My skin does not breakout too often but I do get some blackheads and whiteheads. Being cute and compact, this cleansing device did a remarkable job of clearing all those blackheads and whiteheads. Not only does it clean my face really well, the silicone touchpoints are also very soft that offers great comfort to my skin and it does gives me a little lift of massages. 

It gently cleans the skin thoroughly and works well with just any go-to cleanser that you like. With the deep and thorough cleanse in a short period of time, it allows your other skincare products: serum, beauty oil, toner, moisturizer, face cream, etc to absorbs more deeply into your skin and does far greater job on their own. Thus, it is 100% waterproof and there is no need to replace the brush head. A single full-charge LUNA 3 plus can lasts up to 125 uses so it can save you more time from the need to charge it frequently. 

Another thing that I really love about this LUNA 3 plus is their deivce's "treatments" function. Most people would have different beauty devices in their wardrobe that caters to different types of skincare jobs: cleansing, lifting, and massaging but the LUNA 3 plus promises to do more than just one. My favorite treatment from the app would be the "Full Facial Toning" as it helps to improve my overall facial contour while leaving the skin looking firm. It felts like a pampering facial spa treatment. 

There are a lot of reasons to love this beauty device model so if you are looking for facial cleansing brush to incorporate into your routine, I highly recommend you FOREO LUNA 3 plus. 

WEBSITE: https://www.foreo.com/
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/FOREO 
INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/FOREO

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