8 Benefits of BigPay Card [Better Banking Alternative]


BigPay is a free money app that comes with a prepaid Mastercard which can be used anywhere in the world. 

It has its own digital wallet features where you can perform both domestic and international transfers without hassle. BigPay was launched in 2018 as part of the AirAsia group of companies that aims to provide a better alternative to conventional banks. 

You can actually use this card like a normal debit or credit card at any merchants that accept Mastercard. Spending with BigPay card day-to-day in Malaysia and overseas are all free. 

BigPay - Mobile Money for Mobile People

Nonetheless, BigPay has many benefits to at some point, I still don't see any other great mobile app payment that can beat their features. I can't really say if BigPay is an e-wallet but it's more on a scheme just like any other bank card - but with greater digital features and it's accepted worldwide.

Now, let's dive right into the details.

1. Proper Cashless Payment System

When you open a BigPay account, you'll also get a physical card that'll be sent right to your address for free. You won't need to open a bank account and also don't have to worry about any interest charges. 

Owning a BigPay card is pretty much like having a Mastercard. Let say if the merchant doesn't accept e-wallet payments and you don't have enough cash in hand, you'll still be able to pay using your BigPay card. 

This is probably a pretty smart move as many businesses in Malaysia nowadays are jumping on the cashless bandwagon and most Malaysians are already used to the idea of paying with cards. 

But you can't pay for more than the balance in your BigPay account as it's a prepaid card. You need to reload a sufficient amount of balance before you start spending. 

Since the BigPay card is basically a Mastercard, it can be used globally as long as where Mastercard is accepted regardless of online or offline. Users can perform their money payments and withdrawals at over 35 million Mastercard merchants worldwide.

2. Track All Your Expenses In One App

Unlike most other e-wallets, BigPay's transactions are all based on a prepaid Mastercard and it's fully managed by its own app called BigPay. This implementation is practically one of the first kind in Malaysia.

Since BigPay is digitally driven, you will get full transparency on your card's activities on the app including any fees and charges.

All your expenses made via BigPay card will be automatically tracked in the official app. You can view all your purchases and payments made either domestic or international transactions. The best part of it is all your expenses also will be automatically categorized within the app. 

BigPay App Expenses Track
*My expenses for July 2020

It's pretty much like having a personal finance 'diary'. I can easily track my monthly expenses through the BigPay app in a single one click. With this automated financial log, I can have a thorough image of how much I'd spend on foods, bills, shopping, and more for each month so that I can do proper budgeting in the future.

Here's a breakdown of each category of my previous expenses:

  • Retail - Kaison, H&M, Daiso, Typo, and other online stores
[Disclaimer: I don't shop that much. Pretty sure it's more for business purposes]
  • Mail & Telephone - Paid my family's monthly phone bill 
  • Financial services - Shopee pay (Reload my e-wallet using BigPay to collect more points)
  • Food & Beverages - Foodpanda, Mcd, Family Mart, Kfry
  • Professional services - Reload credit balance for the online courier services (Easy Parcel)
  • Transfer out - Sent out some money to my friend's BigPay account
  • Entertainment - Movies ticket, Klook
  • Transportation - Grab, MyCar, AirAsia's flight ticket

Fo better tracking, you can attach the picture of your receipt for each expense. This feature will benefit you with keeping a track of what you've spent and where because you might need to refer to your previous expenditure in the future. 

Also, for international transactions, the app will record and display your purchases for both local and used currency.

3. Safety Guaranteed & Approved by Bank Negara

BigPay has its own security features that help to protect user's money including facial recognition and fingerprint scanners to verify a user's identity. While creating an account on BigPay, you'll be asked to verify your identity and phone number thoroughly for an extra layer of security.

Most of the consumer's activity will be taking place through the official app including the registration process and you'll even get a notification every time you make or receive a payment through the app. The app allows you to set your preferred PIN number and you can block your card immediately through the app if it's missing or stolen.

Ideally, it means that you can be quicker on canceling or freezing your card using the app in case you notice any suspicious going on with your card's transactions instead of loading up a browser to go online or visit the official branch. You'll be managing your money all online and your money's safety is guaranteed by BigPay's security systems

4. Great customer support

BigPay always presents excellent customer support to their customers! Back then, the app had experienced some temporary maintenance issues and most users can't perform their transactions at that time including me. 

I contacted their team through Twitter's direct message (because I'm an avid user of that blue bird's app) to issue my problem and the conversation went smoothly. They quickly get in touch with me once the app recovers and it's very pleasing to my mind to have such great support from the friendly BigPay team.

5. Save More Money & Enjoy Rewards

For those who travel a lot with AirAsia (like me, when I was studying before), you can enjoy a zero processing fee when you book your flights online. 

AirAsia will waive any processing fees that usually charged by financial institutions if you book or purchase something through their platforms. You can also save more money on your bookings with more discounts on luggage and other inflight services. 

Back then, I was frustrated when I have to pay an extra RM17 just for the processing fee every time I want to book a ticket. Like, you already get a cheap ticket but you still have to pay more. I was a student, you know, so I was looking for another way to pay lesser and this is how I ended up being a BigPay user until now.

BigPay also has its own rewards system. As you already might know, spending with BigPay will earn you Big Points on every transaction and you are able to link your AirAsia BIG member ID to your BigPay account using your email.

Just use your BigPay card to perform any transactions offline or online and your points will be reflected in your app. I even reload my e-wallet (Touch 'n Go, Grabpay, Shopeepay, etc) with my BigPay card so that I can earn more points, and can even track my expenses!

Points are usually valid for 2 years and these points can be used for discounted flights ticket or you can redeem any other AirAsia's lifestyle partner's rewards. 

6. Cheaper Rates for International transfer

Malaysian users are now able to transfer money abroad at cheaper rates and lower compared to banks, therefore helping them to save more. 

BigPay would be a great platform if you want to make a direct money transfer to an international bank account as you can easily find out the cost of your transfer directly in your BigPay app and it's depending on which country you're sending to. 

Transferring money abroad with BigPay can be completed in a few simple steps. You just need to enter the recipient details on the app and pay right away. BigPay's international transfer cost is still considerably cheaper than the average bank in Malaysia.

Thus, if you are traveling abroad, you could also use your BigPay card to shop as BigPay card can be used across the globe as long as the merchant accepts Mastercard. BigPay app will always show you the best currency exchange rates and you don't have to queue at the money changer anymore. 

7. Withdrawal on ATM

You can always withdraw your money using BigPay just like any bank card. Just look for the nearest ATM that has the Mastercard logo on it - but there's a fee. You'll be charged RM6 for domestic withdrawals and RM10 for international withdrawals.

It's more suitable for use in urgent situations and these charges will be reflected in your app. On the plus side, unlike your usual bank cards, you won't have to inform BigPay if you're traveling overseas and BigPay won't freeze your card.

8. Free Registration

The process of owning a BigPay card is pretty much less-hassle and it always free. During the registration process, you'll be required to submit a photo of your IC or passport, and a selfie picture of your face for verification. 

All of these processes will be taking place only through the official BigPay app. You don't need to visit any branch, submit countless documents, log in to any browsers, and so that it's really convenient. Sign up for an account in 5 minutes and wait for your card to be delivered to your preferred address for free. 

There's no annual fee at the moment but you have to top-up some amount of money into your account to activate your card. You can spend that money after your card is activated and there's no minimum balance needed.

Download your BigPay app here now and use the code 4IQDDSLTHC upon your registration to get an additional RM10 on your account after you activate your card.

[I will also get RM10 if you use that referral code]

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  1. Naim baru tahu kewujudan BigPay ini di zaman pendemik ini. Ia sangat memudahkan urusan semua di dalam online sahaja. Terima kasih berkongsi.

  2. Baru tau jugak pasal BigPay ini. Banyak jugak benefitnya. Paling best dapat zero processing fee bila book tiket AirAsia online. Rindunya nak g travel :)

  3. Uwhh tak pernah guna lagi bigpay ni. Banyak jugak kegunaannya. Yang penting security tu.

  4. Big pay E-wallet sounds cool. Need to check it out. Thank you for sharing your review with me.

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  6. Sebagai pengguna setia AirAsia, sepatutnya saya dah lama guna bigpay ni. Ntah la kenapa degil sgt, banyak benefit dia rupanya

  7. Kitkat suka guna BigPay ni, dah start guna seawal ia mula dilancarkan.. Bethol part Customer Service yang tiptop, my card ada weird unauthorized transaction, call mereka terus cancel my card... Effective... Part withdraw kat ATM tak pernh cuba lagi hehehe...

  8. Sis takde Bigpay ni, tapi anak yee memang guna, dah banyak points dia, ada sekali tak silap dia claim tiket flight ...

  9. I have BigPay account but have yet to fully utilise it. With the new norms, I would say it is a must to have an e-wallet

  10. Menarik! I mmg peminat e-wallet. Rasa lagi senang daripada pakai cash. Dah bertahun I jenis cashless je. Pernah dengar pasal bigpay ni tp tak pernah lagi dengar orang pakai. So boleh cuba jugak ni

  11. this looks like an amazing app. really loving all its features and benefits for the consumers

  12. I'm so happy that I stumbled into your post, now baru tahu kewujudan BigPay ni haha I've been living under a rock all this time but thank you for this post!

  13. I am new to BigPay. It's nice to have this free money app to use and buy things.

  14. kalau tak silap i husband pun pakai ni.. mmg senang nak track expenses kitorang spend ... very good apps...

  15. this is new for me .
    , but i guess its good to try since its portable and easy to use . No need cash in wallet .

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