When I was A Kid, I Played Video Games.


Childhood is an unforgettable moment full of fun, warm, and touching stories. The memories are rich and diverse. I'm already in my 20s series this year and yet, I always have the wistful longing for the old days. Everyone would surely feel the same when they're adults, right?

One thing that seems a dominant thing from my childhood was playing video games. Even girls are no exception from having the good old memories with those games. Social media was a foreign thing back then so most kids were so head over heels of video games. Including girls. 

Super Mario

I did play barbie and all sorts of dolls just like other normal kids (girl) but I always like to go beyond limits. My parents were very strict about gadgets with us. At home, we could watch the tv only during the weekend, which obviously not the school days and it's only a few hours. 

I had my very first non-smartphone (or people usually call it a dumb phone) when I was 12 just so that my father could 'reach' me anytime when he's not around especially when we (my sisters and I) were at the daycare transit centre. 

So, when did I had the chance to discover video games?

Most of the time on weekdays, we were at the daycare transit centre because both of our parents were working from 7 am to 6 pm. We usually went to school from the daycare transit centre in the morning and waited for our parents to pick us up in the evening. 

The whole day spent at the daycare transit centre allowed me to discover things I didn't get to 'learn' while at home: using smartphones, the classic Gameboy and all other video games, sinetron dramas, board games, k-pop music videos, dongeng series, and all sort of things. 

Playing Video Games With Friends

All of these are thanks to my childhood friends who went to the same daycare transit centre like me. We spent a lot of time together at that time, like a big crowd of siblings and we shared a lot of things. 

I remember one of our friends who always brought her Gameboy Advance (the handheld video games console by Nintendo) to the daycare transit centre, like almost every day, and we would take our turns to borrow from her and play all the games. 

Nintendo, Gameboy

Some of them also brought PSP (that one from Sony) too so we got to try all kinds of game consoles because we liked to share things with each other as we spent most of the days together at the same daycare transit centre. I was one of the kids who didn't have any gadgets to offer to them but I always shared my snacks in return for playing their console games hehe. 

The most famous games we liked to play back then were Super Mario World, Space Invaders, Tetris, and also Bounce (from Nokia haha). I really miss playing all of them. 

During school holiday weeks, we usually went to our parents' hometown and a lot of our uncles and aunties live nearby so I got to hang out at my different cousins' houses every day. They have a lot of EXTRA computers, Ipad, phones, and also console games so the younger cousins like us got to play them all every time we went to their houses. And yes, most of them are pretty rich haha. 

Playing Video Games at My Cousins House

It was also the only time I got to play The Sims :')

I have a lot of childhood memories of loading up games from the internet on my family member's computers and playing them for hours and I definitely miss all those moments. Before this, I always have thought that those games are much likely just some of my favourite throwback shows which are long gone with the times as I get older. 

Adulting is hard, so I have missed a lot of things about video games nowadays. A lot of things have developed quickly as time goes by. However, thanks to the internet because there is still a way for me to play some of my favorite childhood games and jog my memory the way I couldn't even imagine. 

Recently, I discovered a website called Plays.org. It's a free browser-based online game where currently, it offers hundreds of games on their site that can be quickly be played from the browser for free. No need to download!

The first time I came across their site, I was wonderstruck. They have an entire catalog (before the footer of the website) of different categories of games that everyone can choose from to play. Their games are fun and addictive. I also found some games that are quite similar to Space Invaders and they also have Tetris!

Different Categories of Free Online Games

I could spend hours just playing different games on this website while I procrastinate on my works hehe. You should try it too! Besides, you don't need to register any user account to play their games. You can just play them all directly on their website. Their website is also mobile-friendly so you can play it on any kind of device. 

If you click on any play button of their games, you can refer to their game instructions first as you scroll down a little bit before you play the game if the game is definitely new for you. They provide instructions such as how to start the game, how to control the games, how to avoid getting hit, some tricks or strategies, how to level up your power, and so on.

As you start playing the game, there is NO accidental ad click or any paid upgrades in the middle of your play that could distract the whole game because the website is pretty much all FREE.

It's so damn worth it!

As for the time being, they are constantly adding more games into their collection like they publish at least one or two games every day so you will see something new every day on their free online games website :D

Go check out their website and jog your memory now!

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  1. Hello!! This post is like walking down the memory lane of how we discovered video games. I would say I started playing online games seriously during the start of the pandemic. It helps to pass the time and stay in touch with my friends online.

  2. I miss my childhood. Baru semalam we were talking about video games haha.


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