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The Flower of Evil


  • Drama: The Flower of Evil 
  • Genre: Melodrama, Thriller, Crime
  • Director: Kim Cheol-Kyu
  • Writer: Yoo Jung-Hee
  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: July 29 - September 23, 2020
  • Country: South Korea
  • Network/Distributor: tvN
  • Cast: Lee Joon-gi, Moon Chae-won, Kim Ji-hoon, Jang Hee-jin, Seo-Hyun-woo, Choi Byung-mo, Choi Dae Hoon, Han Soo-Yeon, Gi Ae-Nam, Ki-Cheon Kim, Yoon Byung-hee, Cheol-hyeong Im

Plot Synopsis

Cha Ji-Won is a detective and she's married to Baek Hee-Sung for almost 14 years. They also have a daughter. Baek Hee Sung seems like an ideal husband and he's kind of a good example of what a husband should be. He works as a craftsman and able to provide a good life to his wife and their precious daughter. 

But his wife, Cha Ji-Won doesn't know that he actually has been hiding his cruel past and changes his identity since they first met. She remains unaware of it until she finds herself a dark track that could break the very foundations of her happy life with her family while investigating a particularly cruel case.

As a cruel crime detective, it's her job to uncover as many truths while working on all her cases and it eventually leads her to track down her husband's past. Baek Hee-Sung's perfect disguise has completely deceived his own wife.

Personal Review

I insisted to watch this drama at first because of Lee Joon-gi, without knowing what the story is actually about. But, after I watch the trailer and being fed with countless feedbacks from people on Twitter, I would say, this drama is insane

Imagine, a DETECTIVE married to a CRIMINAL. 

Cha Ji-won (Moon Chae-wonhas been loving a man she actually doesn't know at all for freaking 14 years and they even have a grown-up daughter. Baek Hee-sung (Lee Joon-gi) has been showing everything his wife wants to see as what normal people would deserve in a happy married life and all those smiles he ever gave, the loves he has always been showering to his devoted wife, are all he has been practicing his whole life. 

He's doing too well is all I can say.

I always wondered how it feels to be deceived by relatives (kinda whim, your loved one) for years and this drama has given me a brutally hurt shot. It's true that secrets have a way of coming out even it has to be in a way that we could never expect. 

Baek Hee-sung always seems a loving husband and committed father but he's practically mentally sick inside. The moment his wife starts suspecting him while investigating a related murder case and thoroughly chases his past at the same time gave me countless nerves during my watch. 

Cha Ji-won had a hard time when she starts doubting a man she has head over heels in love with for years and she's determined to bring her psychopath husband to justice. 

This drama is beautifully narrated and filled with endless suspense as well as extensively character exploration. All the things the characters have said and shown in the whole drama really hit right into the heart. 

The story takes its time to develop in the first few episodes and then it goes quickly escalates. I'm surprised at how much I've invested by the moment the ill-fated chains of events begin. Everything is about to get destroyed by the sudden turn of events that lead to uncovering a past mysterious murder case. 

I love it the most when they do the flashback scenes, the quiet heartwarming background sounds make it feels more majestic and alluring. The music is just too perfect!

Psychopath Husband

And I would say, Lee Joon-gi as the psychopath Baek Hee-sung in this drama is completely splendid! He looks totally dependable in pulling off this character while Moon Chae-won was doing wonder with her acting, fulfilling the roles of a strong woman Cha Ji-won, seeking happiness above all else for her family. 

The Ending

I don't want to spoil much here but the ending for this drama is one of the kinds that I've never watch before. The reunion between Baek Hee-sung and Cha Ji-won is just like everything I could have hoped for the entire drama but at the same time it's ruthlessly trigger the ground of my heart. 

This drama has a happy ending that's not even a happy one because it's more of a sad ending. 

I don't know how to describe it but if you still haven't watch this drama yet, GO WATCH FOR IT. There's too many plot twists that can even blown your mind and see if their marriage is built on a lie. I took hours to clear my tears after I finish watching this drama because i just, can't go on with the ending.

Urgh, what a complicated and tear-jerking drama.  

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  1. try tengok masih sangkut di episod 2. Heavy giler drama dia sampai sis rasa kena kumpul mood dulu. ^^

  2. Suka tengok cerita macam ni, tapi suka dalam movie.
    Kalau drama/series.. penat aih nak follow up. Haha.

  3. wow.. korean darkside movie eh niii

  4. last tengok kdramas yang the world of the married tu. ni nampak macam best!

    erin |

  5. baru haritu habis tengok. memang best! ending dia pun saya tak expected akan jadi macam tu. totally recommended la kalau ada yang nak tengok, hehehe. worth it!

  6. banyak betul drama dan filem korea yang best. saya baru nak tengok wolrd of married ke apa entah. ramai cakp best

  7. Famous cerita ni. Semua orang kata best ")

  8. hero dengan heroin not bad. Dah lama betul tak melayan drama korea ni.Tapi jalan cerita macam best.Simpan dulu kang free bole layan

  9. drama kali ni terus rasa nak tengok. Main jiwa sungguh. Ending dia camna. Hahaha...

  10. Ni fav citer akak sebab hero dia my fav actor. akak tengok masa cerita ni hangat kat VIU. sanggup ku tunggu tiap minggu. memang best la drama ni. kesian life dia. tp kombo semua watak, pelakon dan jalan cerita terbaik. anak dia tu comel sangat!

  11. Selesai maraton drama ni. Overall i like the story line and of ocurse the the hero :).

  12. Honestly, I've never watched any Korean series other than love story or rom com. Would love to see how they do crime thriller. Sounds intriguing.

  13. Rasa macam anak-anak dah tengok atau tengah tengok tak silap.. macam ada dengar mereka sebut tajuk ni..cuma Sis ni jarang nak melayan korea, kalau ada pun numpang bila anak tengah nengok..

  14. Ada nampak sepupu share drama ni ckp lg sakit hati kalau tengok. Memang rasa nk layan jugak. Kalau suami curang pon dah cukup sakit hati apa lg penjenayah kan. Ishhh comfirm emo.

  15. Ok. Ok. I will give in la. Haha. I don’t want to be tempted to watch this one but reading your review - I feel like I HAVE to watch it!

  16. Alaa.. Baca story kat sini buat TB terasa nak tengok pulak cerita ni.. Suka cerita macam ni.. Drama Korea memang best-best.. Boleh la masuk list untuk yang ni..heee

  17. seems interesting! haritu ada tengok iklan cerita ni kat TV tapi Kai tak layan sangat drama Korea pulak hmm

  18. omg i tak tgk lagi cite ni tapi mcm nak tgk tapi tak tersempat nak tgk bnyk betul kdrama best2 tahun ni aaaaaa soon laa after start up :)

  19. Nanti kalau ada masa boleh la tengok citer ni. sekarang ni macam masih belum ada peluang nak tgok movie ke apa.

  20. Drama ni dapat tengok dari ep 4 sampai ep 6 je lepas tu lupa kenapa berhenti tengok. Tak tengok dari mula so susah nak faham. I should try and watch this from the beginning when I have the time.

  21. tengok movie ni pun sebab konsep dia macam gempak bila criminal kahwin dengan detektif. Chemistry diorang pun bagus bila diorang reunite balik tu rasa nak nangis!!


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