12 Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman


Wardrobe essentials are those fashion pieces that are versatile and compliment to upgrade your outfit for the day. It is all about ensuring that you have your basic styling pieces sorted so that you can pull off any look on any given day. Let us see a list of 12 essentials that every woman must have in their closet.

Button-up shirt


Boys no more enjoy the copyright over styles like button-up shirts and formal pants. With their tweaks and turns, women have made button-up shirt style as their own. This style is a perfect balance between a casual look and a professional outlook. You can pair it up with pencil skirts and formal pants; for a casual look, pair it up with jeans.

Knee-length Skirt


Skirts are a go-to style for any kind of occasion (depending upon the skirt). When you pair up the knee-length skirt with the right blouse and/or blazer, you look classy and well-dressed. You can wear this to dinner parties and interviews, without giving a second thought to it.

Simple Flats


Flats are an important part of any female wardrobe, especially because they are absolutely effortless to carry. You can wear simple flats for formal meetings as well as go to a nearby supermart, in them (the versatility of flats is just incomparable!). You will get a variety of styles even in simple flats; pick something that compliments your feet.

Black Blazer


A nice blazer adds to the outfit that you are wearing. You can go either for a longer-fitting one or a cropped one, depending upon your height, dressing style, and body structure. You will need to try on a few styles, before deciding which one suits you. Make sure you buy a size that provides room for clothes underneath.

White Shirt


This is a must in your wardrobe, and there is so much that you can do with a white shirt. You can pair it up with a skirt, a pair of jeans, a midi, a mini, etc. While pairing it with a bottom, you can leave it open or tuck it in; in short, the point is you can almost never go wrong with a white crisp shirt! Shop At Ajio for trending fashion products, also use promo codes and discount deals to benefit from discounts.

Pencil Skirt


Pencil skirts look amazing when you wear them in formal occasions like meetings, formal parties, etc. But, as far as pencil skirts are concerned, do not restrict yourself only to formal occasions. Buy pencil skirts with textures and patterns for non-formal occasions and pair them up with tank tops & shoes (even stilettos work).

Denim Jacket


Denim jacket is something that you wear not to protect yourself from cold but to upgrade your style! This is the reason that you will spot women donning denim jackets even in summers. Get a structured one or an oversized one (this is currently trending), but you should definitely have this fashion piece in your wardrobe.

Black Trousers


Black trousers have the magical power of making you look slim and tall! You can pair them up with a formal shirt and wear them in a professional set-up; you can pair them up with a cropped top and be the center of attraction of a party. Back boots go perfectly with this ensemble.

Leather Jacket


One thing common with all leather jackets is that they make you look a total bad-ass! You can wear them over any outfit like frocks, maxi dresses, and tops. This is a kind of crucial fashion wear that can go from being a formal look to a casual look, depending upon the kind of outfit you wear underneath it. Take it from me, you will never regret buying a good pair of leather jackets.

Wrap Dress


This fashion piece is a go-to piece when you are not decisive about your look on certain days. It works good on all body types and comes in a range of patterns & colours. Right from casual outings to special dates, this works like a charm on all occasions. Pair your wrap dress with a pair of sneakers or pumps, and that should do.

Tank Tops


Tank tops are effortless fashion pieces that can be worn with cardigans, jackets, blazers, etc. In summers, you need not layer it up with anything. You can wear them with jeans, skirts, or any other bottoms of your choice because tank tops go well with literally everything!

Ankle Boots


Ankle boots are footwear, for all seasons and all casual dress types. They are easier to slip into and easy to carry. They have never been out of fashion and always look chic. If you do not have a pair of ankle boots in your wardrobe, get them now! 

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