Netflix: 'The Uncanny Counter' Korean Drama Review


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Netflix: 'The Uncanny Counter' Korean Drama Review

But, first of all, what does uncanny counter mean? I really did not have any idea of what this Korean drama is about at first as I heard the title, The Uncanny Counter. So, I did learn a few things about the meaning of the words "uncanny counter" in this drama through the internet before I start binging the watch. 

What Does Uncanny Counter Mean?

From my understanding, uncanny counter is about supernatural demon hunters living under covers with other normal humans where all these counters were once in a coma until a partnering spirit from Yung (the boundary between the world of the living and the afterlife) posses them. 

It is like that these chosen people on earth who were once in a coma for a long time are given a healthy body and consciousness along with superhuman strength and supernatural powers as an exchange for them agreeing to be a counter and work for the Yung instead of continuously living on the bed. 

Their job is to catch evil spirits that have been wandering around the earth after escaping the afterlife to gain immortality and send them back to the afterlife so they could receive their appropriate punishment. Like a parole officer on duty. 

It sounds stupid tho but at least the drama is not boring haha. 

Synopsis of The Uncanny Counter

A group of four demon hunters who act as workers in a noodle shop somewhere in the fictional city of Jungjin bear the tough tasks of searching and catching evil spirits that escape from the afterlife. 

These evil spirits possess the bodies of humans who have committed murders or at least have a strong desire to kill as a host. This possession will encourage their host's will to kill a person as the evil spirit needs to consume the spirit of the victim in order to reach a new level of immortality. 

One day, one of the counters named Jang Cheol-Joong is killed in a battle against a strong (level 3) evil spirit. His Yung partner, Wi-gen became struggles to find a new unconscious human body to possess as his spirit gets consumed by the level 3 evil spirit killer.

Uncannily, Wi-gen is quickly drawn into the body of a high school boy named So Mun who is in spite of being crippled, is nonetheless perfectly conscious and healthy. Soon enough, as Wi-gen possessed him, the ignorant Mun starts noticing odd changes to his body and starts seeing Wi-gen in his dreams. 

Netflix: 'The Uncanny Counter' Korean Drama Review

At once, Mun finally finds the answers in Eonni's Noodles through the other three counters, and as he becomes the replacement to the late Counter Cheol-Joong, he finds himself on a wondrous journey of combatting against bloodthirsty evil spirits. It eventually leads him to track down his vague past and uncovering the ugly truth behind his parents' death along with the major redevelopment project in Jungjin city. 


Here's a little bit of general info(s) about this Korean drama, The Uncanny Counter:

  • Drama: The Uncanny Counter
  • Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery
  • Director: Yoo Seon-dong, Park Bong-Seop
  • Writer: Yeo Ji-na, Yoo Seon-dong, Kim Sae-bom
  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: November 28, 2020
  • Country: South Korea
  • Network/Distributor: Netflix, OCN (Original Network)
  • Cast: Jo Byung-gyu, Sejeong, Yoo Jun-sang, Lee Hong-nae, Choi Yoon-Young, Lee Ji-won, Yeom Hye-ran, Kim So-ra, Ok Ja-Yeon, Ahn Suk-hwan, Mun Suk, Choi Guang-il

My Thoughts (Review) On 'The Uncanny Counter'

I watched the 'sneak-peak' of this Korean drama on Facebook at first where they show me the scene of Mun stand up against the bullies at his school even though he's crippled as he was unexpectedly given some kind of superhuman strength, and ultimately becomes the hero of the school for being brave against the bullies. 

I like these kinds of moments where these so-called 'weak' people finally found their own way to stand up on their own and fight against those people who put them down and that few minutes videos of this series shared on Facebook eventually leads me to watch all these 16 episodes of light sci-fic adventure series on Netflix in just one-night hshshs. 

Why it is called a sci-fic adventure series??

Because it's literally a story about heroes, where those typical mediocre humans have incredible capabilities and superpowers that they struggle to control on their own but they are not allowed to use their superhuman strength towards anything that related to human affairs unless it involves evil spirits. 

Netflix: 'The Uncanny Counter' Korean Drama Review

Their actions are marvelous. Fighting the bloodthirsty demons, running, saving lives, foolish attitudes, smirking at those bad people, their bonding relationship, it's all amazing! 

I only have some issues with the weakness of all the counters, why would they make the counters could die or severely injured while doing their job for the Yungs as well as immediately dismissing a counter if they use their powers for their own protections even though they were attacked by humans? 

To the Yung people, if you think that they could not do a great job of hunting those demons and not meeting your expectations, why wouldn't you do it by yourselves instead of comfortably having teas and watching them from afar? Jeez.

Anyway, this Korean drama might have some romance scenes but it's only the slightest parts. There's a whole lot of action and it's a kind of a refreshing watch. 

If you like watching this kind of adventure fantasy series, go watch 'The Uncanny Counter' Korean drama now on Netflix, but remember to not expect too much with the storylines and characters, except for the most handsome psycho evilest spirit, Chung sin hahaha.

Netflix: 'The Uncanny Counter' Korean Drama Review
c r e e p y

Aha, not to forget, we will be expecting season 2 of Uncanny Counter soon but the details such as the release date as well as the filming scheduled remain unclear. 

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  1. Besttttt drama ni. Dah habis tengok semua episodes. Tapi sayang, hero ada terpalit dengan kes buli kawan sekolah in real life.

  2. akak dah habis layan drama ni, memang best....

  3. Macam best je cerita genre ni. Nanti nak tonton lah. Demon Hubter....hmmm menarik dan dalam masa yang sama scary juga...

  4. I baca sinopsis dan review ni betul ek cerita ni ada superpower? Tapi I scroll screenshot tak nampak pula powernya.. maybe nak kena tengok ni baru tau..

  5. Watched this one and got me hooked on K-drama. Now looking for more K-drama that is worthy to binge-watch. I cried at some points while watching the drama.

  6. Nampak dah tapi belum ada mood nak melayan lagi drama ni.. sebab tengah tengok SS tu haa.. nnati nak tengok gak laaa, dah semua kata best ni..

  7. oh I like the story line of The Uncanny Counter. time to watch it on Netflix with my fam during the weekends la

  8. Cerita ni antara.menjadi fav. Ada part kelakar dan juga sedih. Jalan cerita juga tidak membosankan

  9. Macam best je ceritanye. Suka tengok cerita korea yang macam ni. Macam ghost buster plak eh

  10. Ramai layan citer Korea sekarang ni ya. Lom sempat lagi nak layan sejak anak² start sekolah . Nanti nak tengok gak

  11. dulu selalu layan drama dan filem korea...tapi sejak busy ni memang dah tak tengok. Ingat nak start tengok balik buat hilangkan bosan

  12. Ada nampak cite ni kat Netflix. Skrg tgh layan King Eternal Monarch. Later tgk ni pulak.

  13. Cerita ni kami sekeluarga layan sampai tunggu tiap episod. Memang best. Habis pun rasa tak puas dah setel. Harap ada sambungan season 2. Hehehe.

  14. Ooo best ek cte ni. Selalu nampak tp scroll je haha ingatkan cerita lawak. Pasni leh la tgk

  15. absolutely am gonna watch this Korean drama since with the elements of funny & sad, hmmm....gonna be on my Korean drama chasing again with this :P cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  16. Ni always appear on my timeline bila login into Netflix ye.. Mcm menarik tapi tak sempat nak start watching it lagi. 👍 Kena add into the list dulu la...



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