The Call 2020 - Netflix Review [Ending Explained]


The Call (2020) | Netflix Korean Movie Review


  • Film: The Call
  • Genre: Thriller/Fantasy
  • Director: Lee Chung-Hyeon
  • Writer: Lee Chung-Hyeon
  • Running Time: 1 hour 52 minutes
  • Release Date: November 27, 2020
  • Country: South Korean
  • Distributor: Next Entertainment World, Netflix
  • Starring: Park Shin-Hye, Jeon Jong-Seo, Lee El, Kim Sung-Ryun, Oh Jung-Se

The Call, also known as Call is a 2020 South Korean thriller film directed by Lee Chung-Hyeon. This movie was written based on a 2011 British and Puerto Rican film, called The Caller. Starring both Park Shin-Hye and Jeon Jong-Seo, both women from different time zones connect through a phone call that interchanges their life fates. 

Synopsis The Call (2020)

The Call is a time-traveling mystery thriller movie. Connected by a phone call in the same house but 20 years apart, a serial killer woman puts another woman's past and current life on the line to change her own fate.

The Cast of The Call

The Call 2020 features some talented actors especially: Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo

I personally always prefer that Park Shin Hye to bring more characters in this thriller genre rather than particular melancholic romance drama because her acting does wonder when it comes to panic, terrifying moments, with scary sounds that echoing the living room. 

Of course, Park Shin Hye's acting is totally good in this film but I truly want to praise Jeon Jong Seo more. Actually, this is Jeon Jong Seo's second outstanding appearance in a movie, but she's at her menacing best! The impression she leaves on me after I finished watching this movie is superb even though this is my first time watching her.

Both were doing great with their acting in The Call making the whole watch become so real.

My Personal Review & The Plots of The Call

Thanks for the random suggestion folks on Twitter, I finally decided to watch this movie. The Call 2020 certainly grabbed a lot of attention on social media as people were seen to talk about the actual meaning of the ending of this Korean movie. 

Ok, so let's talk about the plots first. 

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

Seo Yeon (Park Shin Hye) in the future life keeps receiving phone calls from a woman named Young Sook (Jeon Jong Seo), who's actually from the past life but eventually, both of them become friends talking about the past and future world on the phone after realizing that they are actually living in the same house but in different timelines. 

Seo Yeon's dad has died in a fire accident when she was a kid and she keeps blaming her mother for that. Young Sook lives with her shaman stepmother which somehow makes us believe that Young Sook was repeatedly being abused by her stepmother. 

In this movie, Seo Yeon is seen to jump from one timeline to another as the past changes. The moment a phone call is placed, the past has already be carried into a new destiny that creates a new future. Seo Yeon's fate in the future life has been keeping re-written every time she reaches the new timeline.  

It's all started when they come up with the idea to bring back Seo Yeon's dad to life, which Young Sook offers her help to save Seo Yeon's dad from the fire accident. And it works!

Since that, Seo Yeon becomes interested in Young Sook's future but when she finds out that Young Sook is going to be killed by her shaman stepmother one night, she tries to save her because she feels indebted after she saved her father. 

Young Sook The Call (2020) | Netflix Korean Movie Review

Young Sook finally managed to save herself from getting killed with the help of Seo Yeon but eventually, she killed her stepmother because of mad. That's how she started to become a full-blown serial killer in the future. 

As the shaman stepmother can foresee her stepdaughter's life destiny, she killed her beforehand to save many lives in the future but Seo Yeon ruined it through a phone call made to the past. And the biggest mistake Seo Yeon has made is she also mentions that Young Sook spends the rest of her life in jail for the murder.

Young Sook demands to know how the police got to her but Seo Yeon refuses it. Feeling betrayed after saving her dad before, Young Sook then kills her dad in the past and hold the younger Seo Yeon hostage. So, Seo Yeon comes up with a plan to kill off Young Sook. 

It's kinda nuts to try killing a person from the past, tho. 

Let's just say that the plan didn't actually work. No matter how much she tries to control her life in the future, the other outcomes will just happen in a way that she can never imagine that makes her feels regret even MORE. 

Seo Yoon The Call (2020) | Netflix Korean Movie Review

In the ending of The Call, we come to realize that the shaman stepmother was right about all the deaths that Young Sook will cause in the future so she tries to avoid it by killing her. But a phone call had the fate designed to allow Young Sook to escape death time and unleash her dark side.

The Call 2020 is actually teaching us that you can't change the past at you will just to get the future that you want. What has happened in your life has been written since the day you were born. You just have to get through it and let them pass. 

I just don't get why Seo Yeon still retains her memories from the very first timeline regardless of how much she has moved from one timeline to another. While scars come and go, her past memories still don't get changed.

The Call Ending Explained

Many people were seen to be puzzled by the multiple timelines of the ending and it's inviting us to discuss that very confusing ending. Basically, The Call features a lot of elements of time-travel but it's more to fantasy-thriller rather than science-fiction lah. 

To understand the actual ending of The Call, you need to note that there are at least two different timelines in the ending which caused by TWO different phone calls that are made to the past:
  1. Seo Yeon in the future talks to her mother in the past to save her life.
  2. Young Sook in the future who grows old in the house warns her younger self to stay clear from getting caught for any of the murder cases. 

Part of it is shown as the mid and post-credit scene so that's why it's a bit confusing to understand the ending of The Call. Now, let's dive deeper into each timeline of the possible ending.

First Ending Timeline

In the past, Seo Yeon's mother sacrifices herself to take down Young Sook to save her daughter. Both of them fall off a balcony and Seo Yeon was saved.

In the future, the old Young Sook who's moments away from killing Seo Yeon suddenly becomes vanishes, and the house suddenly looks deserted. Seo Yeon then mourning the loss of her mother at the grave.

This timeline explains that Young Sook never began her killing spree as she already dead after falling from a great height in the past. 

The last scene shows us that Seo Yeon suddenly bumps into her mother at the cemetery, which turns out her mother actually survived the fall and the two of them walk away happily. 

But... the joy and relief do not last long. They loathe to give us a happy ending.

Second Ending Timeline

In the past, Young Sook receives a call from her older self to warn her about the police and to be wary as she might get killed soon. Later then, Young Sook appears to have her eyes open while lying in a pool of her own blood after surviving the fall with Seo Yeon's mother. 

While not shown in the movie, Young Sook might have killed Seo Yeon's mother in the past and also retained the younger Seo Yeon as a hostage to prevent Seo Yeon in the future from putting her path of serial killing at risk which then creates an alternative timeline.

This timeline explains the reason why Seo Yeon's mother suddenly disappears as the two of them are walking away in the last scene. 

So, that's the ending explained for The Call which you might be looking for. I hope it helps. Anyway, what do you think about this movie? Share your thoughts below! 

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