Recapping My 2020


Here comes the 31st of December and I can't believe we're already wrapping up the year 2020. It was definitely a crazy year to say at least but I'm so grateful to still have created new memories. I've never recapped anything before and the thought of not wanting to lose the train for this year is because... this year is such an EPIC. 

I just do not want to forget anything that has ever happened to me this year in the future. And also, I'm already stepping on my early 20s phase this year and there are so many things that pondering my head just now. So, before I decide on what's next, let's recap all the things that have happened so far. 

Got a job & quit a job

I was hired for the third time (ever since I graduated) at a different company in January and I quit the same job in May. The job was totally out of my interest but you know... it's not easy to secure a job in this 3rd millennium so I just took any kind of job offer that I had and bear with it as long as I can.

More times with family

I won't forget the moments we cooked noodles in the middle of the night, unboxing the endless parcels being delivered at home, the late-night talks and 'bawang' session, the little sister keeps bugging into everyone's room just to get more attention, all the crazy fights over small issues, and many more. Our bonding has become quite stronger than before with everyone was unexpectedly being 'locked' at home. 

It was frustrating for everyone at first but as time goes by, we started coping with the current situations together. Since I rarely go out to meet any of my friends this year, the three sisters at home have already become my new favorite best friends <3 To my sisters, if you read this later, don't be too overwhelmed. Just go buy me some McDonald's happy meal.

No Raya 

Even though it has been great to reconnect with my family, it's the first year where all of us were still sleeping on the first day raya morning like a normal day, no baju raya or family photos, and there was my third sister who just took her raya selfie alone behind the door with night pants on just to join a raya pictures compilation with her other friends haha. 


We rented a tong roro to throw away so many things and sent the other things that still can be used to En Wan to be distributed to the people who are in need. I've also launched a #randombox where people just need to pay for the postage fee in return for a box that has random items packed in it (which worth way MORE than the postage fee itself). 

Recapping My 2020
some of the #randombox(es) were getting ready to be sent out
I have the habit of collecting Althea boxes so I have been keeping a bunch of them, and they literally took a lot of space in my room. I didn't want to bear the guilt of throwing them all away so I packed some random NEW items that I believe I won't use in the future (socks, skincare, bags, pouches, etc) in the Althea boxes and randomly sent them out to the new owners. I know, that's just some sort of my temporary pain :')

After the whole month of decluttering and major house cleaning, I feel like we're finally living in a new house hehe. 

Financially struggle

I'm pretty sure that everyone is struggling with their finances especially during this pandemic. I'm not going to talk more about this. I'm just glad that I've already decided not to pursue my studies at first because that will surely cost me more money and I won't be able to help support my family financially.

Shutting down my online business

I've been running my online business since I left my spm years and I'm proud to say that I've finally decided to stop doing it. I've tried many kinds of business, joined many kinds of 'teams', met a lot of entrepreneurs, tried a lot of marketing strategies, and so on. Keeping up with business trends is kinda exhausting. I'm just tired so I think it's good if I take a step back.

Blog and gigs

Ever since I was hired at different companies, it's hard for me to focus on my writing jobs and my blog has been on hiatus so many times. After I quit my job, I can finally shift my focus to my blog and gigs. It was a pleasing gesture that I still got some offers to collaborate with some brands and people are still willing to pay for my writing.

My friends gave birth...

This is a piece of wholesome news. It took only one year, FOUR of my girlfriends already gave birth to their own child with one of them already has her second baby. Already?! I'm so proud of them. Being a mother at this age is just... wow. I can't even handle the babies (my sisters and cats) that are already at my home. Pray for me, I want to change my career to be the best tai tai auntie.

Reaching my zen attitude

To be honest, cutting off some people that I used to call them a friend really took me a while. But I did it anyway. I blocked everything that has been weighing me down and anything that possibly can trigger my stress level. I've learned to prevent myself from getting engage with any unnecessary conflicts and ignored everything that's probably has nothing to do with my life. 

Started painting

I'm so used to just doing sketch drawings before and I finally cleared out my ways to get out of my comfort zone to start painting. I bought some new acrylic paints and used my dad's leftover art supplies at home. It was so therapeutic. I should have started earlier. 

Recapping My 2020

From western to j-tunes

This is the year where I discovered a lot of Japanese songs and already memorized some of the lyrics (because I keep playing the same songs over and over). I think it's all started with tiktok and anime. Before this, I used to hear a lot of songs from Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, and Little Mix but I guess it's not going to be them anymore haha.


Since I've already quit my job, I have a lot of free time to binge-watch lol. All sorts of new k-dramas, Netflix movies, and animes have become a thing. Not to forget that I've rewatched most of my previous watches no matter how many seasons and episodes they have just because I have too many free times to do it haha. 

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