Plan A Staycation In Singapore With Traveloka


Mental health is an important part of our overall body health. People who are emotionally healthy are usually capable to overcome most of their life's challenges and maintain their mental health at the very best. But with the global lockdowns due to the Covid19 pandemic, maintaining mental health can be quite tough for everyone. 

One way to keep your mental health at its best is by taking a pause in whatever you do to de-stress. You don't have to quit your job but just grab a chance in your break time to relax your mind and soul. The most common way of taking a break from work is by going to staycation Singapore!

Plan A Staycation In Singapore With Traveloka
p/s: Singapore's borders are reopening gradually to allow safe travel in limited numbers, with the necessary safeguards in place to ensure public health.

What Is A Staycation?

The term staycation likely refers to going on a local holiday or within the country you lived and staying for a period of time. A staycation can also refer to having a holiday at your own home but to get away from the busy week of works, going to a staycation with the context of not being at home could be more relaxing. 

With a staycation in Singapore, you can plan a trip with your family and friends to spend time all together. You might already know that Singapore is one of the most attractive places to go for a holiday in Southeast Asia, but I'll tell you the reasons why you must book a staycation in Singapore with Traveloka.

1. Rediscover Your City

With a staycation, you can discover the city and experience familiar places from a new perspective. Singapore has such great destinations for you to discover along the trip with your family and friends without burning your own pockets. 

You can visit the Garden By The Bay, Orchard Road, enjoy the scenery at Merlion Fountain, going to Sentosa Island, or you can just stroll around the city and visit the popular streets in Singapore. 

2.  More quality time with your loved ones

Spend more quality time than usual with your family or friends by doing many activities together like exploring the unique places around Singapore, take scenery shots, experience a ride together at Universal Studios, doing outdoor activities, and many more!

You can relax your mind and unwind more quickly during a staycation when you are not struggling with lack of sleep, jet lags, the adrenaline rush of travel, or culture shock while spending more quality time with your loved ones. 

3. No planning required

There are no rules for planning a staycation. No travel maps to unfold, no currency exchange, no distances to cover, no flight booking, no jet lag to suffer, no heavy luggage to carry, no exhausting long haul- all you have to do is pack your clothes in an overnight bag and take off. 

You'll probably need to do just much less research of what side of the road you'll be taking on during your staycation. With a little planning, your staycation can be even more relaxing to destress way better.

4. Time-saving & wallet-friendly

You can enjoy all the excitement during your travel with less hassle and a smaller price tag. You don't actually need a bigger budget to go on a staycation and sacrifice a lot of your annual leave. The process of booking hotel goes a lot easier now with Traveloka. 

Just fill in your preferred date of staycation and the number of guests on their website to start hunting the countless great deals for your staycation hotel in Singapore. Everyone can enjoy the eternal bliss of the weekend in just a button click away.

Having everything you need in one place is a game-changer!

Plan A Staycation In Singapore With Traveloka

Plan your dream staycation in Singapore now with Traveloka and grab the attractive deals on hotel promos by booking through their website. Booking a hotel of your choice is a lot easier with Traveloka. So, what are you waiting for? It's time for you to take a break from your work and plan a staycation trip with your loved ones to relax your mind. 

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