October 22, 2020

Brainzyme Review - Nootropics Brain Supplement

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What is Brainzyme?

Brainzyme Focus is a range of brain food supplements that include plant-powered ingredients that have been scientifically proven to maintain our brain's concentration, cognition, stamina, memory, and mental performance in our daily life. 

It is basically a natural nootropic called Brainzyme, a made-from-UK supplement claims to improve our brain performance and they generally have been received quite great reviews from customers and media. However, there's always a line of skepticism circulating this kind of product. Plenty of supplements out there make bizarre claims and some of them even contain illegal pharmaceutical ingredients that all of us very wary of nowadays. 

Contrary to what you might think, Brainzyme is the first company in the UK to launch a nootropic that is thoroughly compliant with all 6 governing agencies in 2016. They also the first brand in 2017 to develop a nootropic that incorporated 3 functions into one:
  1. Advanced brain supplement
  2. Probiotic (Live culture)
  3. Full range of essential minerals and vitamins

Brainzyme Focus contains no medications and is totally drug-free - as it is GMO-free with natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals, plants, and superfoods. The ingredients have been well scientifically researched based on science-evidence and so they're quite well documented. 

Brainzyme ingredients

Each pack of Brainzyme contains 60 capsules which is lasts up to at least half of the month. Brainzyme Focus has 3 different types:

1. Brainzyme Focus Original

Brainzyme Focus Original provides you with calm focus and energy. It helps you to think clearer and getting more work done. You'll gain more concentration in 6-hour and it has 12 active ingredients including:
  • Enhanced Matcha Theanine (EMT) blend
  • Guarana seeds
  • Choline
  • Vitamins & Minerals

2. Brainzyme Focus Pro

Brainzyme Focus Pro is specifically for strong focus, motivation, energy, and memory support. It has good motivated mood support for 8-hour energy. It contains 20 active ingredients including:
  • Enhanced Matcha Theanine (EMT) blend
  • Guarana seeds
  • Choline
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • L-Tyrosine

3. Brainzyme Focus Elite

Brainzyme Focus Elite provides you with stress-relief formula, positive mood, memory support, and 8-hour energy. It helps to support your brain health, by boosting nutrient delivery to the brain. It has 30 active ingredients including:
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Enhanced Matcha Theanine (EMT) blend
  • Guarana seeds
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Choline
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • L-Acidophilus
  • Curcumin
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Cinamon & Maca

*I only received Brainzyme Focus Original and Brainzyme Focus Pro only so if you want to know my thoughts on these two, keep going on your read.

How do you take Brainzyme?

I consume Brainzyme as per recommendation to take 2 to 3 capsules in a day. You'll need a large glass of water by drinking half of the glass immediately before the capsules and the remaining half of the glass immediately after. 

They say it best to take Brainzyme without food for better results. For example, you can take them 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after food. If you want a stronger effect, increase the dosage but don't take more than 6 capsules in a day.

My personal thoughts on Brainzyme

For this section, I'm going to be completely honest. When Serena from Brainzyme first approached me, I was a bit skeptical to receive their products as most of the time, the word 'supplement' doesn't really associate with safety in my mind. Nonetheless, I do some research on their website regarding the ingredients and scientific resources before agreeing, and I discovered that they are entirely complying with British health and safety laws. It puts my mind at ease. 

I didn't take Brainzyme almost every day. Some days I just need to find an alternative to be more delicate in getting my works done so I tried Brainzyme. It gave me the will to sit down longer than usual and increase my focus on work. I'm able to get a lot more work done in a quicker time as my tendency to procrastinate is lower than before. I was pleased to find that Brainzyme really helps me to provide greater productivity.

Brainzyme Focus Original & Brainzyme Focus Pro

I didn't see any difference when taking Brainzyme Focus Original and Brainzyme Focus Pro but both had a similar effect as they really woke me up and made me feel very alert. Brainzyme Pro was said to have stronger effects than the original one but it feels the same for me. I don't know the science behind these two but the most important thing is I was able to complete any tasks quicker. 

If you are a student looking for an alternative to improve your motivation to spend more time on studying, I think it may be worth trying Brainzyme. 

Brainzyme side effects

Based on their sales to thousands of customers in the UK and across the world, the most common side effect that has been reported is the increased thirst among 20-30% of customers. I do get thirsty more than usual, so I drank more water during and after taking Brainzyme. But I found it's good to have an increased need for water in our body as it'll help to maintain our fluid balance.

You would also find it difficult to sleep at night if you take Brainzyme in the late afternoon or evening as the effects of Brainzyme would last up to 8 hours. Brainzyme would not affect your sleep if it's taken during the day and not too close to your bedtime. It is advisable to take the supplements in the morning or at least before 3 pm. 

Based on other previous customer reports, there are very few side effects of Brainzyme. I only experience to get more thirsty than I normally would after taking Brainzyme. Also, I usually take them in the morning for certain days so it doesn't affect any of my sleep. I just have to make sure that I'll drink enough water every time I took this supplement. But, if this supplement has low side effects, does that mean the intended effects won't be strong either? I wanted to find out.

Is Brainzyme safe?

Brainzyme's products are entirely safe to be consumed by students, professionals, or anyone who needs helps to perform better under pressure. It's basically a nootropics supplement pioneering in the field of nutritional cognitive enhancement and also known as a substance to improve mental performance without the use of drugs. Food supplements like natural nootropics tend to be safer than any pharmaceutical smart drugs and the ingredients in this natural nootropics are well-researched.

Get Your Brainzyme

Brainzyme can do worldwide shipping and also have free shipping options so if you want to give it a try on this brain supplement you can go to their website by clicking here


LampuHijau said...

I think I should consume this Brainzyme as I am a very forgettable person. I always forgot even a simple things in just 5 minutes

Misya said...

First time dengar tentang Brainzyme ni. Apa kaitan angka 10 dengan anda? Saya ada buat segmen. Jemput join.. http://www.aimisyahirah.com/2020/10/segmen-10-blogger-terpantas-by-misya.html If tak dapat jadi yang terpantas masih ada peluang dapat hadiah misteri. :)

Mawardi Yunus said...

i think i need Brainzyme Focus Pro tu.. nanti nak cubalah.. memang x pernah lg ambil any suppliment macam ni

Bae Roslan said...

sounds a great products to me. have not take any brain supplements but worth to rry i guess

Ruby said...

Hurmmmm betul kena amalkan ni. Sebab akak pelupa dan takmo fikir kekuat. Nanti mesti sakit kepala. So akak cuba la ikhtiar makan kekacang. Tapi mcm takda apa efek je. Hahaha. Bleh la try Brainzyme.

Sis Lin said...

Baru tau ada ubat untuk minda kuat gini yaa..untuk usia macam Sis ni memang perlu sangat kot.. baik elok amalkan dari nanti kita nyanyuk kannn...nak try cari laaa..

saidila said...

otak pun perlukan supplement sebab apa2 yang kita nak buat terutama buat benda baru dan susah semua nak kena gunakan otak untuk berfikir...memang ada jer makanan khas untuk otak tapi Brainzyme ni nampaknya lebih memudahkan mereka yanng memerlukan ....

MAMA DEEJA said...

Brainzyme mmg sgt sesuai bg mereka yg mudah lupa , susah fokus means student pon sgt2 sesuai ambil supplement ni untuk tingkatkan fokus ketika belajar dlm kelas.

Cik Fafa said...

Last makan ubat minda ni masa f5 hehe .. Now lepas deliver baby terasa makin pelupa hehehe memang kene amek la supplement minda lepas ni

Kitkat Nelfei said...

This is interesting! Even brain has its own targetted supplement now.. Good to know this and need to have this la...

Rollinggrace said...

this brand looks good and reliable. thanks for sharing

Eina Md Ali said...

Menarik. Bagus untuk kekuatan minda ni.

Mahamahu said...

Ada produk untuk otak juga hurmmm bagus ni kita pun tengah mencari untuk kita yang dah makin cepat lupa ni hehehehe muda-muda kena jaga semua ni sebelum terlambat....

Cik Puan Ena said...

Lepas beranak ni lagi kuat pelupa mya.. Haha mungkin kena try produk ni bg kuat daya ingatan ni.


bagusnya suplemen untuk otak ni.. semakin berusia ni asyik pelupa je kan.. psuplemen ni boleh bantu otak kita kembali cergas