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Online shopping has become a trend in this era as it is really convenient. We do not have to leave the house to get anything we need. As the recent pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, online shopping becoming more active because most of us would choose the less risky option to make less contact with other people. We just need to place the order through an online marketplace and all those purchases will be delivered right in front of our house. 

Introduction of PG Mall

Haven't you heard about the newest e-commerce trend in Malaysia? PG Mall Malaysia is a local e-commerce platform which established since 2017 and ranked top 3 in Malaysia. You will find anything you need from weekly groceries, home essentials, electronic appliances, beauty products, and many more! It is like a one-stop-center where you can shop for everything you need in just one place.  

The best thing about PG Mall here is that it accepts all types of payment gateway methods including e-wallets too! 

Why Choosing PG Mall?

Don't you love promotions and more discounts? Because I do! It just makes our shopping become more pleasing and delightful when it doesn't rip off our wallet. PG Mall has lots of promotions just for you. Let's check out on some upcoming events and promotions on PG Mall that you would not want to miss out on.

Join The Killer Deals: 10.10 Sale

Do not forget to save the date 10th October of 2020 to join PG Mall crazy deals where you can get your items up to 80% off and as low as RM10! Too many deals you can grab during the date which could save up your money even more.
  • min spend of RM10 - get 10% off (capped at RM20)
  • min spend of RM30 - get FREE SHIPPING (capped at RM4)

Coffee Week at PG Mall [Voucher Inside!]

Do you love coffee? This is a great announcement for you! Add any coffee products from the coffee week page to your cart and apply these coupon codes before you check out your items:
  • PGCOFFEE - RM20 off with min spend of RM60 capped at RM25 (limited to first 5000 redemptions)
  • PGCFFREE - Free shipping with min spend of RM40 capped at RM4 (limited to first 1000 redemptions)

This deals are valid from 28th September - 5th October 2020. I bet all coffee lovers would not want to miss this extra deals.

Support Our Proudly Local #BarangBaikBarangKita

Proudly Local Campaign PGMall

As a Malaysian, we are encouraged to support our local products so that we could help the economy of our nation. Shop for your essential home product at PG Mall's Proudly Local page from July until December 2020. Do not forget to support our locals with #BarangBaikBarangKita!

And do you think that's all? By supporting our local products on PG Mall, you will get MORE shopping vouchers for extra saving and discounts to grab. During this campaign, PG Mall's new shopper can enjoy RM15 OFF with minimum spending of RM50 by applying the coupon code "KBBM15NEW". For existing customer, you are entitled to enjoy the discount as well where you can enjoy RM8 OFF with minimum spending of RM50 by applying the coupon code "KBBM8OFF" or RM20 OFF with minimum spending of RM100 with the code "KBBM20OFF"

Not forget to mention as well, when you purchase any products from Proudly Local campaign, you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING as well by applying the coupon code "KBBMSHIP6" where you can enjoy the free shipping with minimum spending of RM25. If you are still new to PG Mall, then quickly get yourself on it now!

About PG Mall


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Cik Min said...

Saya pun suka berbelanja menggunakan pgmall ni sebab senang semua pun ada

Decamellia said...

Wow Coffee Week tu menarik sgt utk penggemar kopi. 10.10 tak lama je lagi. Jomler get ready!

Cuya said...

singgah sini minum Ais Latte,jom ngeteh kat blog saya :D

LampuHijau said...

I need to buy a new shoes also other stuffs. PGMall will be my choice this time

Marina Bashah said...

Banyak betul diskaun kat pg mall ni. Nanti nak survey barang la. Nak shopping

Kitkat Nelfei said...

Yeahhh, rasa teruja pulak first time nak shopping with PG Mall time double digit sales nanti.. Thanks for sharing this great information ya

Fadzil Ahmad said...

Seronok tengok sales2 dari PgMall ni. Kerap ada, tak puas shopping, ada lagi. Nak grab utk promo 10/10 pulak la.

Mira Cikcit said...

Power la PG Mall asyik buat promo je. Mmg buat rasa nak membeli je

mazharalti said...

PG Mall memang selalu ada surprises cam gini kan... Sales sana sales sini memang best ni... Yang penting, kita grab apa yang kita perlukan dengan harga yang berpatutan kan... Jimat belanja gitu...

Nazrina said...

Wow so much of offers for almost everything and affordable too especially during this cmco period.