PG Mall: E-Commerce Trends In Malaysia


Hello everyone! How's it going? If you are asking me, it's been a hella crazy week haha. 

With tons of workloads to be settled down in a tight deadline, yet I still carry it with the verge of cry. Anyway, since the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, I rarely leave my house to go somewhere else even it is to buy any essentials. I started to do work from home since the pandemic outbreak. My family and I prefer to do our shopping through online platforms as it is easier and less risky. We even buy our groceries online! It is totally convenient as all those purchases will be delivered right to our home. 

Recently, I just discovered an online marketplace and I'm quite excited to introduce PG Mall to you!

What is PG Mall?

PG Mall: E-Commerce Trends In Malaysia

PG Mall is a local e-commerce platform ( in Malaysia, an online marketplace established since 2017 where you can shop everything you need in one place. It is like a one-stop avenue for Malaysians as it has everything you need from home essentials, groceries, beauty products, fashion thingy, to electronic appliances. For those who still don't know, PG Mall has ranked as one of the top leading merchants in Malaysia.

In addition, PG Mall is the only local platform in Malaysia to accept all kinds of e-wallets (GrabPay, Touch 'n Go, Boost) and QRPay as their payment method. So, the customers are free to choose their preferred payment while shopping here! 

Wow Store: The Best Deals You Can Find In PG Mall

Did you know that you can get up to 15% of the storewide discount with Wow Store at PG Mall? It is quite an exciting offer and it offers so many great deals for all shoppers to save more while shopping! Plus, you also can get free shipping on selected stores. Here, you will see multiple codes of discounts from participating stores that can be used for your checkouts. Other than that, there are also special highlights on the weekend with additional discounts. 

Hot Day Sales With Lowest Price Guaranteed

With starting from RM0.39, you can surely save more with discounts from Hot Day Sales for at least three (3) times a day which is at 10am, 4pm, and 9pm. Lowest prices are guaranteed here where you can save up to 80% OFF daily on a wide range of quality products.

You see it, you grab it!

Love You 3000 Campaign: Lucky Draw

PG Mall always has its own way to appreciate those shoppers from this marketplace. With a minimum spend of RM30, you are entitled to win the Love You 3000 Rewards worth RM3,000 in total. The name list of the purchasers will be shortlisted every two weeks before the lucky draw and the winners will be announced on the 15th and 30th of every month. One account can be entitled to the lucky draw even for multiple orders above RM30.

The more you spend, the higher your chances to win. 

ConsuMerchant Concept: Forever Cashback Up to 3.5%

There are chances for you to do profit sharing through ConsuMerchant where you can earn up to 3.5% of cashback. All you have to do is to share your referral link to the new users of PG Mall. When they make their first purchase after using your referral link, you are entitled to a minimum of 0.5% of the cashback from their total purchase. The cashback will be reflected in your c-wallet for your future purchase at PG Mall. 

Don't forget to shop, share, and earn!

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  1. platform baru utk shopping online! yeaayyy!

    tq share info. kalau x, saya x tahu ada pilihan e commerce lain untuk shopping secara online ni..

  2. Ramai yang share perkara sebegini. Kalau ada peluang Naim akan try, terima kasih berkongsi infromasi yang bagus ini

  3. Bestnya shopping kat pg mall ni. Macam macam boleh dapat. Siap dapat cashback

  4. PGMALL banyak buat kempen untuk yang suka beli barang online. Mmg happy sgt la bleh beli barang dengan harga diskaun. Barang2 kat PGMALL jauh lbh murah berbanding kat tempat lain.

  5. yeah! PG Mall memang terbaik. Sekarang ni tak sure lagi nak beli barang apa dkt pg mall ni :)

  6. Dengan adanya cashback dan pelbagai promotion, memang Rawlins kena jengok la PG Mall nie.

  7. The deal that offers by PG mall are good and I do shop with them.

  8. Siapa belum pernah cuba soping dalam PGmall, cubalah... memang berbaloi...banyak harga dan tawaran menarik yang disediakan...

  9. Akak suka shopping kat pg mall. Sebab banyak produk Nestle kat sana. Pastu penghantaran cepat. hehehe

  10. bestnya bila shopping platform ada cashback! Lagi syok la nak shopping. Offer yang lain pun best jugak

  11. Memang menarik kan kempen PG Mall ni. Beli RM30 dah bereuanhdpt hadiah bernilai RM3k...

  12. Tak sangka pencapaian PG Mall ni bagus sangat. saya pun dah mula berjinak2 dengan platform ni.

  13. Pg mall sentiasa buat offer menarik. Sebabtu antara top3 di Malaysia. Memudahkan customer dan seller

  14. I know this platform, but haven't got chance to purchase anything from there.


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