Itaewon Class Review & What Is Actually Wrong With This K-Drama



When this drama has stolen the limelight of most twitterians, I've finally decided to watch this drama right after I've finished watching the Crash Landing On You. Itaewon Class has 16 episodes in total but they can just break me into tears with their first episode! So my initial thought on this drama is quite impressive until I got into their second half.

What Is Actually Wrong With Itaewon Class?

It's not like this drama is not worth watching and of course, it's worth it as it is always on the list of top k-drama recommendations. At the end of the series, I feel that I dislike the hero and heroine characters. This is the first time I hate the protagonist after I watch something haha. Please mind that this is just my personal view. I think the story writer has done a good job of building all these characters because it left me with hatred feelings towards some of their character's attitude at the end of this drama. They just got me into it. They succeed in making me feel 'something' with the characters.

1. Park Saeroyi

Itaewon Class Review & What Is Actually Wrong With This K-Drama

First of all, WHAT'S WITH THIS HAIRSTYLE?! Many are calling him the 'chestnut hair' and I can't even stop staring at his hair the whole time I watched this drama hahahaha. But most of his fans are getting this haircut after they watched this show. Anyway, forget about his hair because I had things to complain about his attitudes. If I am about to meet a guy like him in real life, I would resent him in the first place even though how admirable he is when he always tried not to surrender towards achieving his own dreams. His dedication towards his goals to get revenge for his dad is just splendid and he always prioritizes his people in his business but he's so cold mannnnn.

He likes Sooah since their high school and every time the woman asks him whether he still likes her or not, he keeps repeating the same answer with the same reaction. Like, do you really meant it or not? Also, his immediate realization that he has feelings for Yiseo in the second half is so random. I'm not convinced that he loves Yiseo by choice, it's more of by circumstance. And let's not forget that he really means to betray Geunsoo who has feelings for Yiseo for years by taking her away from Geunsoo and throw away his first love from ten years ago after he 'realized(?)' that he actually loves Yiseo.

2. Oh Soo-Ah

Itaewon Class Review & What Is Actually Wrong With This K-Drama

During my watch, I always presumed her as a selfish woman. I'm so stressed why she always acts to prioritize herself rather than being on Saeroyi's side. She even dares to work with Saeroyi's enemy whereas she is mutually in love with Saeroyi at that time and when it comes to war, they have to fight on different sides and they are actually fighting each other sides! She ever said to Saeroyi that she doesn't like poor guys and wondering if he plans to make a lot of money in the future.

It makes her showed her true colors then and there like she just wants a man to build an empire for her. She might deserve Saeroyi at the end if she works into their relationship a bit and not let Saeroyi fight alone. She should stand beside Saeroyi more than everyone else could even though she feels herself as a two-faced every time she doesn't know what to do or whose side she's on. I think that's what the producer wants us to see.

After all, she has her own reason to work with Jangga as she's indebted to Mr. Park a long time ago and she has already fulfilled her promise by enduring 10 years of pain working with someone who killed her father figure and collects all the proofs. She may not help Saeroyi to become rich but she helps to destroy Jangga. I love what she did to Jangga at the end of the drama and I know she often had a hard time working under a boss which she hates. That is the bravest act in the series despite her selflessness.

3. Jo Yiseo

Itaewon Class Review & What Is Actually Wrong With This K-Drama

I really love her appearances in the beginning as she acted like a real bitch. But after she met Saeroyi, where she started to devote her life to Saeroyi's business just because she likes him and not considering Geunsoo's feeling AT ALL, I was like..... she is really a mean girl. She likes to take advantage of people around her and when she talks, she doesn't even care about other's feelings. Sometimes her expressions every time she talks are just too much.

I do agree that she is just a young girl who's awarded a bounty clever brain and she deserves every bit of praise for her wisdom but I just don't like the way she went after each other just for her own desires. Especially when she just runs away leaving Geunsoo dealing alone with the bad guys when they were kidnapped. Geunsoo actually comes there and all of sudden involves that misery because he tried to save her in the first place but she just leaves him at the back when they got to escape. She's such a sociopath smh.

4. Jang Geunsoo

He is just a lost puppy who did everything Yiseo said. I always feel sorry for him but when he did that such a terrible thing to Hyunyi after he joined Jangga and proudly using that thing as his card, I was burned. I think that he's better with DanBam squad where he always looks like an innocent kid and I ever thought to adopt this poor little kid if in real life but hmm he actually made a mistake to join Jangga. He finally turned himself into his father and I know it wasn't only me who disappointed sksksk.

5. Ma Hyun Yi

She's the purest character I've ever seen in this show. I don't know if I have to appoint Hyunyi as he or she because at the beginning of the drama, she act out as a man even though her look is more like a tomboy and it turns out that she actually a transgender. I even searched about her in the middle of my watch because I really confused if she is a woman in real life lol. I'm just disappointed that her character doesn't have any back-story like how she met Saeroyi and started to work with him. I think that it would be nice to know more about Hyunyi in this drama. She could be the better strong female lead than that sociopath.

6. Kim Toni

I realized that his existence in this drama is just because of his long-lost grandmother, Kim Soon-Rye. They want to connect that old lady with DanBam so they create Toni even though I think that DanBam would be just fine if they do not hire him as one of their staff. There is no character development of Toni and we didn't learn much about him. They could have made Toni way more interesting and not just as an accessory of the drama.

Why It's Worth to Watch Itaewon Class

1. It's more than just a revenge story. You can find the wholesome story about friendship, hardships in pursuing your dreams, family, and personal principal.

2. This drama tackles a lot of social issues such as social inequality, diversity, gender equality, living standards, the greed of power, and also workplace issues.

3. They feature some strong female characters such as Yiseo, Sooah, and Kang Min Jung. All of them are smart, confident, strong, and sassy women who excel in their jobs. And I just thought that Hyunyi should be one of the lists too.

4. Nice concept. The whole show was so captivating. The places, the bars, the songs, the character's style, hyunyi's hairstyle (not saeroyi's), the revenge, the spirit. Five stars.

5. Some others said it is because Park Seo Joon is the hero of this drama. I don't know, just watch if you have a crush on him.

I think Itaewon Class is much better than Crash Landing On You even though I am not so happy with their ending. The conflict that happens throughout my watch is too intense and the whole vibe mesmerizes the viewers. Now, I'm getting too obsessed with their ost Start Over by Gaho T..T (feels like running into the Itaewon city)


Farrah MF said...

I’ve read a couple of good reviews about this drama too. Not a fan of K-drama but I think it’s worth watching :)

Sha Mohamed said...

tak berapa minat nak tengok walaupun ramai yang komen drama nie best.. hehehe

Syadiya Khairul said...

nak tengok jugak tapi kawan cakap overrated drama ni huhu masuk jela list . nak tengok kingdom dulu :D

Lya Amie said...

I've read so many good reviews on this drama but I just don't have the mood to watch a business x revenge drama just yet. Will slide this in my to-watch list

Aisya사쿠라♥ said...

I personally think CLOY is better than Tar

Aisya사쿠라♥ said...

I hated Yiseo's character and Park Saeroyi's hairstyle. They have zero chemistry, it's uncomfortable to watch 😭 But I can't deny that this drama has nice concept, any webtoon-based drama is worth to watch.5

messarah said...

tengokla syaa besttt even you'll hate the protagonist at the end hahaha

messarah said...

nice concept yessss! but they two are totally a zero chemistry wkwkwkwkwk

cc kak fas said...

Ita not that i sont like Korean movies but dont have much time to watch it. And with regards to this one off courae am not aware of igmt.

Sis Lin said...

Yaaa Sis suka cite ni sebab isu no1 tu haaa..anak banak duk ngadap cite ni sampai habis...geram pun ada, sakit hati pun ada, sedih pun sikit hehehehehe

halimah muhiden said...

Drama ni mmg best lkak dah tgk hbs dah. biasalah dlm bisness ada jer yg dengki, tp klu kita jujur dlm bisness in sha allah akan berjaya

YatieOwner said...

ala, kita tak tangok lagi drama ni. ok akan cuba tengok lepas ni. thank you for the review :)

Bae Roslan said...

belum tengok cite ni. dah lama tak layan k-drama. mungkin tanda2 penuaan haha dah kurang layan drama2 ni

Fadima Mooneira said...

Thank you for sharing your review. I pun x tengok lagi Itaewon Class. Need to watch it soon. I am a big fan of Park Seo Joon. He is a dream!

Rawlins GLAM said...

Luckily am not into K Drama (read: dont want to get attached hahaha) my sister has been pestering me to watch but i chose not too. If I do, I am afraid that I might binge watch it and there goes my sleep. Haha

Siti Yang Menaip said...

currently watching Itaewon Class but i stop for a while. episode 7 baru.. huurm i watched this drama mainly because PSJ is the main lead. ohooo the hair issue.. aahha mushroom la chestnut la but cute je. dia mmg ada hair issue sejak Hwarang lagi. too difficult to style his hair katanya..

what i dont like about this drama so far - too many monologues. bosan.
storyline pun develop slow sangat so i lost interest and no more anticipation. but ill finish watching the drama juga support oppa hahaha..


tak pernah tgk drama ni, nanti nak riki2 la kot ada lagi kan. thanks review

Mohd Zarin said...

Saya tak tengok K-Drama so tak tau sangat pasal cerita ni. Terima kasih kepada review mendalam tentang K-Drama ni... sesiapa yang berminat dengan K-Drama wajib layan

Tengkubutang said...

Fuh.. Detail betul sis review semua karakter ada dalam k drama ni.. Buat TB baca sampai habis dan tertarik nak tengok semua watak2 dalam drama ni

Veronica C said...

I am not a K POP fans or K drama fans. But thanks for sharing!
Most of the time I am either reading,blogging,do live, take care daughter and such.
How I wish I have extra time. Hahah!

iena eliena said...

Thank you for sharing your review. Iena tak pernah tengok lagi :)

Zharif Azis said...

drama nie banyak dapat review yg baik. hari tu ada nampak ramai suggest utk tengok drama nie sbb katanya best. nanti nk cuba tgok jugaklah

Sunshine Kelly said...

I heard so many love and hate comment about this k-drama, well i might watch it when i have time.

ejulz said...

Lama x layan drama korea ni 😊

ray said...

tetiba rasa mcm nak tgk lagi skli

Anonymous said...

I really love the k drama but the ending made me sad I thought he would choose Oh Soo Ah.