New Althea Korea A'Bloom Collection


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Recently, I received another surprise box from Althea Korea but it was my final exam week so it's a little bit rush for me to blog about this new brand under Althea Exclusives. It's been a while since I didn't update my blog post for almost 2+ months hehe, so here we go.

It's no surprise that Althea will always continue to produce new products that promise to bring the joy to our beauty routine, especially to suit the modern urbanite and each of them would be super cute! A'Bloom is a new in-house brand under Althea Exclusives and has been officially launched on Althea's website since 23rd of April and they got a huge crazy of support from the fans as the website got crashed down for few days after the product launch. And they have their products sold out after I can really check out my orders :')

But, now it's not a problem at all since they have restocked back all the A'Bloom products on their website and I already made 2 orders for after Raya hehe. So, today I'm gonna introduce all the A'Bloom products that I've received last month. 


There are 4 variants for A'Bloom fruit masks pack. These include watermelon, avocado, lemon-lime, and peach. Each of them provides a custom care solution for every skin type. I don't know why but I'm also one of Althea fans that got crazy when received all these fruit masks packs. They are all super cute and all the variants come with the rich of fruit essence. Plus, these masks are super cheap compared to other sheet masks so I can always buy more A'Bloom sheet masks as my stocks.

New Althea Korea A'Bloom Collection

The brightening lemon lime mask sheet clarifies and brightens dull skin to unveil the natural glow from within. It contains a double dose of vitamin C from lemon and lime extracts to banish the dark spots and also green tea to boost skin brightening while calming. This sparkle-me-bright focuses on brightening and it's great for combination skin. 

The anti-blemish peach mask sheet purifies and soothes the irritated and sensitive skin. It infused with peach extracts and tea tree oil to regulate oil, purifying the skin for smooth skin, and also balancing the moisture of the skin. This ac-me-peach focuses on oil-cut and very convenient for the oily-skin type of person.

New Althea Korea A'Bloom Collection

The moisturizing watermelon mask sheet contains a punch of hydration and moisturization for waterful skin that lasts long. It is a delicious drink for skin with watermelon extract and some added lavender to calm the dry and chapped skin. Water-me-long focuses on skin hydration and provides nutrition to the skin at the same. Therefore, this type of fruit masks pack is very suitable for combination skin since it also offers oil-cut and brightening.

Lastly, the nourishing avocado mask sheet is rich in antioxidants and this nourishing mask is infused with avocado extracts to protect the skin from harmful environmental factors and prevent wrinkles. This is my all-time favorite fruit mask from A'Bloom as it's also packed with vitamin E as a strong antioxidant to improve the skin elasticity. Avo-cuddle-me focuses to offer nutrition to the skin and hydrating at the same time! 

All these sheet masks are made out of 100% natural eco-friendly fabric to effectively deliver the efficacy of the rich fruit essence to the skin. Spend some time for at least 10-20 minutes with fruit masks pack for healthier and glowing skin is a great idea for a weekly me-time hehe. 


New Althea Korea A'Bloom Collection

A'Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster is an easy and quick triple treatment blackhead, whitehead, and dead skin for easy-to-go daily care. It contains natural ingredients to help gently deep cleanse the pores and removes dead skin cells while preventing any irritations or redness from the skin. The apricot seed powder in this product helps to remove excess sebum and the charcoal helps to absorb the specks of dirt from the pores.

The use of this product is also easy and quick. You have to damp your skin before applying the stick directly on the targeted areas and massage them in circular motions for 30 seconds. Then, rinse off with water. Now, we already have a better solution to remove blackhead and whitehead without pain. 


New Althea Korea A'Bloom Collection

Meringue puffs are the first beauty tool from A'Bloom by Althea and the designed was inspired by baking meringue cookies. It's perfect sponge puff for a good makeup-looking with this cute pastel-pink color and cookie-shaped meringue puff. There are 2 available sizes of meringue puffs. The giant meringue puff will provide quick and smooth makeup application on the side surface of the skin while the baby meringue puff offers fine and detailed makeup application on the small surface with its pointed tips. 

You can soak the puff with water to achieve a moist and glossy skin makeup or you can use the puff without soaking with water to get your matte and flawless skin makeup. The meringue puffs are made from the non-latex sponge with hydrophilic properties which will make the puffs grow 1.5 times bigger than its actual size when soaked with water. 

All Althea A'Bloom's product is now available on their website. Go check them out before they sold out again hahaha. I can't wait to receive my another two boxes of Althea A'Bloom hehe.
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