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Holla! Welcome to #MYCYBERSALE Campaign 2017

MyCyberSale 2017 campaign

This is the 4th year that Malaysia is running this 5 DAY long online sale. Isn't this really amazing?! The #MYCYBERSALE initiative, organized by MDEC under the Digital Malaysia Initiative acts as a catalyst to develop the e-Commerce industry as well as to boost the online shopping culture in Malaysia. And ohh yaa, MYCYBERSALE will take place on 9 until 13 October 2017.

Participating Brand - The Olive Tree

In this blog post, I wanna share with you guys one of the participating brands under MYCYBERSALE Campaign 2017. It is The Olive Tree! The Olive Tree PLT was established in 2015 to provide carefully crafted natural products, which harnesses the goodness of Mother Nature.

It all began when the founder's children were suffering from eczema. Despite her best efforts to keep their surroundings clean and dust mite free, the problems persisted. When her sister who resides in Melbourne, gifted her a plant-based soap to try, she noticed vast improvements with her children's and her own skin condition.

Realizing the difficulty in finding great products made from natural ingredients, doubled with the increasing demand, the founder was inspired to formulate and create her own products using high-quality plant-based ingredients and expertise from Australia. The Olive Tree superior products are a great alternative to commercially produced products laden with potentially harmful chemicals.

The Olive Tree shampoo and hair conditioner

The Olive Tree provides me their Rosemary & Mint Shampoo & Conditioner. It is perfect for normal to fine hair. It also adds volume to fine hair, gives hair a nice glossy look besides promoting hair growth as it stimulates blood flow to the scalp. Available in two combinations of ingredients- Rosemary & Mint as well as Tea Tree & Mint, both shampoo and hair conditioner are priced at RM89.90 for each bottle of 500ml. 

So far I've used the shampoo and conditioner twice and it's really cool! I can feel the freshness over my head from the tip of the hair root. I think it's because the mint inside the ingredients and after hours, my hair is still fresh with its scent. This shampoo and conditioner would be my favorite all the time after this. So, I recommended my housemate to use it also and she loves it!

Not only that, but The Olive Tree also offers a wide range of products from head-to-toe, with ingredients that contain therapeutic and aroma-therapeutic properties;

Pure Olive Soap

The best-selling handmade soap in small batches in Australia using the age-old method of cold process, which involves the saponification of olive oil and sodium hydroxide. Through this process, the soap is able to ensure the skin feels supple, smooth, and moisturized when used. This bar of soap is suitable for all skin types including dry or sensitive skin as it is unscented and olive oil is hypoallergenic.

Argan & Rosehip Body Lotion

For people with sensitive skin types including eczema or psoriasis, the unscented argan and rosehip oil body lotion is suitable as it is rich in vitamin A, E and fatty acids that hydrated dry and itchy skin. You may also customize this bottle of unscented body lotion with essential oil of your choice by adding up to a maximum of 20 drops of your favorite essential oil to it.

Lavender Chamomile Shampoo

Using only the mildest ingredients, this shampoo is great for sensitive skin or scalp. Scented with lavender & chamomile essential oil, it is so mild and gentle, making it suitable for babies, young children, eczema & psoriasis skin types.

In conjunction with #MYCYBERSALE17, they are offering the following from 9 to 13 October 2017;
  • 10% off storewide
  • 20% off min purchase RM300
  • Special offers for selected The Olive Tree products
  • Free shipping within Malaysia 
  • Free shipping above USD 50 for selected Asian countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, China & Hong Kong

All products of The Olive Tree are available for purchase online through At present, shipping is free for all purchases within Malaysia! For more information or to interact with The Olive Tree team, please visit their webpage;


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